21 February 23:09
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Bank Of Georgia JSC

On 28-th May 2018, BGEO group JSC (I/N: 405103034) (further - "shareholder"), which is represented by its deputy general director Avtandil Nimicheishvili, were made several desicions on the topic below. As shareholder owns Bank Of Georgia JSCs - GEB (I/N: 204378869) (further - "company") 75% of the shares and right to vote, according to law on entrepenuers article 54.11 and charter of Bank Of Georgia JSC article 7.1.2, those decisions are equal to decisions made on shareholder meetings.
1. Confirmation of banks 2017 year auditory reports:
Audiroty reports and financial reports for the bank in the 2017 prepared by EY Georgia LTD should be confirmed.
2. Confirmation of banks 2017 directorate report:
Directorate report for the bank prepared by directorate should be confirmed.
3. Confirming dividends:
Confirmation of the proposal made by supervisory board and directorate about announsing dividends in the 2017 summing 120 000 000 (one hundred and twenty milion) Gel.  Bank Of Georgia JSCs each shareholder would be granted with 4.31 gel.
4. Dividends confirmation date:
The date of confiriming dividend would be 14-th June, 2018, on 18:00.
5. Dividends Issuing date:
The issuing of the dividend will start on 2-nd July 2018.