07 August 14:20
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Liberty Bank JSC

Georgian Financial Group B.V (I/N: 854817165; further“GFG”), wich is represented by the director Van Dorn CFS B.V. (I/N: 818931887), as it is owner of more than 75% of the shares of Liberty Bank JSC - BANK (I/N: 203828304; Further „bank“), according to Law About Entrepenuers article 54.11 and banks charter, next desicions were made:

1. EY Georgia LTD is appointed as banks independent auditory company in the years 2018 and 2019;
2. Dividends for the 4'565'384 prefered shares are confirmed as 17% of the price of the sahre, summing in 776'115.28 gel, or 0.17 gel for each prefered share.
3. Banks 2017 Consolidated financial report prepared with IFRS method is confirmed;
4. Issue date for the dividends for the prefered shares will be on 15-th June, 2018;
5. Repaying dividens for the preferaed shares will start on 30 June 2018;
6. General Director of the bank is entiteled to aprove all the desicions listed above with the signatures on every document that would be needed.