21 February 22:44
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Bank Of Georgia JSC

On 25-th May 2018, Bank Of Georgia JSCs - GEB (I/N: 204378869) (further - "company") shareholder BGEO group JSC (I/N: 405103034) (furthe - "shareholder"), which is represented by its general director Irakli Gilauri, were made several desicions on the topic below. As shareholder owns 75% of the companys shares and right to vote, according to law on entrepenuers article 54.11 and charter of Bank Of Georgia JSC article 7.1.2, this decision is equal to decisions made on shareholder meetings.

1. Changes in the "Companys" supervisory board:
Confirm the resining of two members in the supevisory board of the Bank Of Georgia JSC - Kim Bradley (I/N: 711506804) and David Morison (I/N: 00710059969).
2. Changes in registration:
Changes should be made about changes in the supervisorty board of Bank Of Georgia JSC in the register of entrepenuers and non-comercial judicial entitys. For this reason Nato Kokolashvili (I/N: 01021015266) would be granted with full representing right in order those changes to be made.